Spagyric is a very old healing method.

Paracelsus, the great physician and mastermind in the Middle Ages, wrote:

"Therefore learn alchemiam, which is otherwise called spagyriam, which learns to separate the false from the just."

Spagyric essences are non-toxic, harmless and of low alcohol content. They are among the most effective and well-tolerated herbal medicines. Spagyric essences prove themselves again and again in acute as well as in chronic diseases and are able to remove the ground from many a disease that cannot be properly grasped.

The spagyric processing of medicinal plants causes the greatest possible activation of all medicinal healing powers.

The spagyric process produces "balsams" from the strongly effective substances of the medicinal plants - to speak with Paracelsus - a "blessed Arcanum", which has no toxic effects and is to be understood as the spiritual principle of the medicinal plants.


More than 100 years ago, the physician Carl Friedrich Zimpel developed the spagyric production method, which is still valid today, on the basis of Paracelsus and Glauber. The medicine to paint on: