Animal communication

incl. preliminary talk and detailed protocol

CHF 120.00


Help with the search for missing animals

Invoicing on a time and material basis when the animal is found

Mostly it is not done with a one-time communication, you have to feel in several times.


Treatment on site (depending on travel distance)

min. CHF 140.00


Reiki/energetic work

via remote treatment

CHF 40 per session

Monthly flat rates possible


Shamanic single session

Duration approx. 1-2 hours

Info under shamanic work

CHF 130.00


Further energetic treatments by arrangement:

  • Chakra work (balancing / tree of life / chakra power animals)
  • Energetic healing / "Shape-Shifting" (immersion in the body of the animal: how does it feel in general, is it in pain; if so, where is it and how does it feel)
  • Scar removal
  • Constellation work
  • Bach flowers
  • Tree essences
  • Aura-Soma / Colours
  • Spagyric mixtures
  • TTouches
  • Resonance therapy
  • Meridian work
  • New Homeopathy

Animals have been found to respond well to this type of treatment, but even this therapy does not replace the vet, it is only meant to support and help the animal to heal or to deal with behavioural problems.