Horse and dog shooting September 2020

A very relaxed treatment morning, pictorially captured by Christine Ebi (


I would like to thank the owners and the horses Candy, Padme, Cheyenne and Oxbow and the dogs Barney and Manidoo.


It was an honor and wonderful to work in this atmosphere.


Workshop animal communication + therapy

Greve Chianti, Italien

A wonderful place to work with good vegetarian cuisine included.

Shooting during treatment

Under unusual circumstances with photographer and a lot of noise it was hard for Paloma to get involved with me, but she did great the sweet mouse.


Thank you Alexandra Kohlbrenner and once again Hans Mulle for his great photos.


Shooting during treatment


Wonderful to see how the horses can relax and let go during a treatment.


Many thanks to Sandra Eichholzer, the horses Vento and Magic and Hans Mulle, who captured everything in his sensitive way.