Ursel Rauhaus

When we talk to animals and plants, it is also very good for our well-being.


I was already able to talk to animals as a child. 

Mit Tieren sprechen - Dekofoto Über mich

It didn't matter whether it was a budgie or a cockatiel, a pony or a dog.

I always had the feeling that I had a lively communication with animals. Unfortunately, this ability was pretty much buried again or not encouraged by school education, teaching and just by becoming a normal adult.


At that time, there was no training to become an animal communicator. Financial constraints initially led me away from the actual path of working with animals. I did a commercial apprenticeship and I am still working 100% in this profession. 

At some point I heard about Animal-Spirit and attended a weekend workshop led by Jacqueline Kramer. This opened the first door again into my "children's world", where I just understood the animals and was also otherwise very intuitive.


But then it took a while until the idea was ripe enough to be put into practice. In the meantime Jacqueline had started her own business and so I began the training in the practice Naturgeflüster. The training began in July 2007 and ended with the diploma thesis now in summer 2009. It is very seriously structured and is carried out under the highest ethical standards. In addition to communication, we were also trained in various therapy approaches that are used for behavioural problems or as healing support. To expand on this, I have now added the animal therapist and now have the opportunity to also work with the animal on site and support it through various forms of therapy. My "rucksack" has now been expanded by quite a bit.


There was a lot of theory to learn, but practice has not been neglected either. We are still supervised by Jacqueline in case of problems or questions.


Besides my job, I am now more and more on the road as a communicator and advisor in "animal" questions and I am always happy when I can support one or the other animal and its human being a little bit on their common path.


So dear animal lovers, just get in touch with me. I would be happy to help.


Further education


Ongoing shamanic practice evenings, workshops and practice days, also in animal communication.

2013 Shamanic training with Jacqueline Kramer

2010 Reiki 1 and 2