Humans and animals are inseparably connected...


...and if you want to help the animal, it is sometimes necessary to support the owner as well, if this is his wish and he wants to get involved in the shamanic path. 

Of course, people without their animals can also come to my practice and go on a shamanic journey with me.


The shaman is the mediator between the worlds. There are three worlds in which the shaman moves: He lives in the middle world, but can also travel through the upper and lower worlds. In the lower world it is the animal spirits who help with advice and action, in the upper world it is the ancestors, among others, who support. 

The shaman helps, for example, to dissolve emotional blockages together with the client or to find the way to spiritual and thus also physical healing. Power animals or soul journeys as well as other tools help him to do so. 


In individual one-on-one sessions with my clients, I consciously transfer myself into another state of consciousness to travel the different worlds, with my spirit guide, various power animals and my spiritual advisors at my side.


Everything is alive and ensouled. As a light warrior, I always follow my heart, taking the client with me on this journey. This is how I learned it from Jacqueline Kramer and internalized it during my training as a shaman in 2013.


Mit Tieren sprechen - Dekofoto schamanische Arbeit

A single consultation or trip lasts about 1 ½ hours.

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