About talks to dolphins and whales

Excursion with Volker

05.10. 2023


A trip out to sea off La Gomera with just the four of us, my personal highlight for my birthday. I had invited all the animals that wanted to show themselves and again pictures came on the way out, first bottlenose dolphins and then pilot whales again and again.

No sooner had I seen the pictures than Volker said they were

are there in a sighting with bottlenose dolphins and I just said, yes, that fits, they're waiting for us.

And there they were around the boat, swimming and jumping in the bow wave.

They interacted with us, showing their love and their unbridled zest for life.

Some of the young animals were also large and very wise.

I would have loved to touch them, but that would have been a violation of the tender bond they had formed. They wanted to show themselves and let us participate, but not communicate.

We all enjoyed this encounter and when another boat appeared, they were suddenly gone.

We travelled on, Volker listening to his instincts and after a short time, pilot whales, these grounded creatures full of harmony and calm, in harmony with themselves and the world.

Ulla and I were sitting on the bow when a bull surfaced and behaved very conspicuously, swimming towards us several times, turning back, hitting the water in front of us with his fluke, looking and repeating the manoeuvre.

He rolled round us and so I asked if he would like to talk to me.

"Of course, just ask," he said.

My question about the network had been answered by the others, so I asked further:

Why can't you warn yourselves about the dangers in the sea (because that's how I perceive it so far)? "What dangers then?" I visualise nets, ships etc.

"It's constantly changing, how are we supposed to do that?"

Ferries at least have routes and therefore it is possible.

I haven't got a proper answer yet, but I'll keep at it.

He then showed me pictures of them hunting and said that at the moment they were finding food well and were also healthy.

The bottlenose dolphins also made the first corner. They all looked well-fed and had no skin diseases. An old acquaintance from previous years

also made an appearance. Easily recognisable by a jagged scar under the fin. An approx. 6 metre long pilot whale, powerful and majestic, it appeared again and again.

We stayed outside until sunset and experienced the most beautiful moments when the engine was switched off and we could only hear the whales breathing. There is hardly any better music.

I thank everyone for their presence, their loving message and for everything.


Addendum: We saw a single bottlenose dolphin right next to a large piece of plastic near the beginning.

Without it, we would not have found the piece, it also disappeared immediately after we had removed it with a man overboard manoeuvre.