Talks with dolphins and pilotwhales on the Atlantic Ocean

Excursion Oceano on 03.10.2023


La Gomera


We set off at 9.30 in the morning towards the open sea with a good atmosphere on board and a little birthday girl with an open heart for nature.


Of course, we were all hoping for beautiful sightings in the living room of the

mammals and accompanied by shearwaters above us, we looked out to sea full of expectation.


Long before we saw them, I had a vision of spotted dolphins hunting and

the message that they were there and we would see them soon.


I was full of confidence and then all of a sudden there they were, a school of

Rough-toothed dolphins with their calves.


I wondered if I had made a mistake or simply didn't recognize the species, but more on that later.


It was marvelous to see them riding the bow wave and the mother and calf approached again and again.


You could also hear them talking to each other and I was allowed to follow the conversation


The mother stayed right in front of the boat and showed her daughter exactly how close she could get without danger and that there was no danger here in particular. She also explained that people love to see her and that these encounters are very important for both of them.


It was so touching to watch the two of them and feel this loving energy.


A few others swam close to each other, exchanging caresses, touching them


like they are dancing with eachother.


A large male swam underneath me again and again, turned on his side and looked at me with a knowing look.


I asked the question that was burning in my heart: "Are you connected to each other like in a network?"



He clearly said yes, they were.


"And can you make contact over longer distances?" That would also be possible, he said.


"Even across species?"


He wouldn't understand other species, he said. I understood it as if they were like talking in other dialects.


The rough-toothed dolphins slowly moved away from us and then they were there, the spotted dolphins I had been seen in my head at the beginning of our journey.


An incredibly lively and fast energy that simply enchants and carries you away.


What was particularly exciting was that the two dolphin species are rarely seen together.


Perhaps little Lotti, our birthday girl, also had a hand in this, who knows?